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 On behalf of all the AirTran Pilots we want to Welcome ,

AT0020 : Fredrick Monroe

AT0022: Beater Morris

AT0024: Stevan Harris

AT0025: Jay Morris

AT0026: Luis Cruz

AT0032: Mike Guilday

These are our new members, on behalf of AirTranVa we welcome you and hope you enjoy flying with us.

ON LINE FLYING, New Pilots and Old

Everyone is encouraged to fly online, Warren McCoy and William Haley and myself Have flown Many flights together on line and the fact is you get to meet a lot of nice people and fly with your fellow pilots, its simple and fun so give it a try.

To Get started go to WestCoastATC, and join, after download the teamspeak program and this will enable you to talk on line.

all you need is a mic to hook up to your sound card, and everyone here at AirTran and others will be happy to help you out, Starting next month all new pilots will be required to meet on westcoast for there pre flight check.

So Welcome all you new pilots, and have a great Time.

If you need help all the pilots and staff will do what we can to help you get started.

Sept,12,2006 All Pilots.

It seems that we have a lot of pilots but, many have not flown and turned in flight hours or time for a while, pilots not showing a minimum of 2 flights per month will be droped from the Roster, this will give us space for new pilots wanting to fly.

To everyone else, keep up the good work.

Leading Pilot Hours,
1. Warren McCoy 15.05 hours flown to date this month, Great job Warren.
2. George Place comes in at 4.9 hours.
    Lets give these gies a round of cheer. and thanks from the staff at AirTranVa for doing a great job.

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