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Pilot of the Month: AT0031 Warren McCoy

airTran Virtual Airways

Welcome airTran Virtual Airways!

Here at AirTran Airways we work for the satisfaction that passengers expect from an airline. With low fares and 100 FREE channels of XM satelite radio we are slowly progressing to a new form of flying!

Dear Reader,
Once again we would like to take the opportunity and thank you for your interset in AirTran Virtual Airways. We know that now there are many airlines to choose from and would like to honor you for choosing AirTran.
As a start-up airline our goal is to bring desincy bake to air travel. Since we started operations in April of 2006 we have worked our hardest to provide the best air travel experience.
We currently serve 13 cities that AirTran Airways serves using our Boeing 717-200 and 737-700 series aircraft on a number of flights based out of The Heartsfield Jackson International Airport. AirTran Virtual has furthur plans in the future to introduce the Airbus A320 series aircraft into our fleet of aircraft come the 1st of January 2007.


On Line Flying
Airtran Virtual Airways will have and start on Line flying and training
for all of of new and old pilots, so download teamspeak at WestCoastATC
and lets get started, Also gives all a chance to meet fellow pilots
and have a great time.


For all of your need to knows you may visit our online forum by clicking on the link in the ATVA Forum web-page on our site. Feel free to look around and also join the forum we look forward to your involvment in it!!
Thank You,
ATVA Management
Airtran Virtual Airlines Is In no way affiliated with Airtran Air Lines or its affiliates. All images, logos and trademarks remain property of their respective owners.

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